June 2017

Well, Easter is all done and we hope everyone attending had a good time. There will be lots about the meet elsewhere so I shall say no more.

Since my last blurb we have had our AGM at Wildhern with a good attendance thanks in part to friends from other areas and guests from DAs. We managed to get the maypole up and danced on Sunday and Monday, thanks again to Mike for bringing his maypole. The Penny Fair did not go ahead due to the weather.

Kilima Farm, Lacock, was well attended and a very nice field it was too. Many went into Chippenham via bus or car and enjoyed two good days of weather there and on site. I think we will go there again and it is very convenient for Chippenham if you like a quiet site after a day at the Festival!

We still have the Weyhill Fair meet to come with the Weyhill Fairground nearby. Next is the ever popular Awbridge meet which coincides with the Beggars Fair in Romsey. Lots of music in the streets and pubs, stalls of various kinds. Last year it had dance teams performing outside the Abbey and a dance/ceilidh there, also childrens entertainment in the park.

Later July we are trying a new site for us, Pennings Farm, Coombe Bissett, which is a nice place and not that far from Salisbury. More on that in the next newsletter. August we are back to our home at Wildhern,always a popular place and people like visiting the charity shop and cafe in Enham Alamein which can be walked to over the footpaths for those who like a walk.

Then another new site for us, Trevethen near Fordingbridge.This is very close to Fordingbridge and only a few hundred yards along the road from St Johns Farm that we used last year (which is now not a viable camping field, hence the change!). Two dances again at the Victoria Rooms in Fordingbridge, only a half mile walk from the site.

We wish you all good camping and weather over the season, and if down our way you are always welcome.