Latest News

Vacancies on the Committee

The May Day meet at Wildhern includes our AGM where we elect our Committee for the following year.

We are in need of people to join the committee, so please consider carefully if you can help in this way. We have many vacancies, including that of Sites Officer.

If you wish to volunteer to join the Committee, please speak to any of the existing Committee members to get a nomination form.

Our Programme for 2022

We have a total of 7 meets booked for this year – including a May Day weekend at Wildhern, a visit to Kilima Farm for the Chippenham Folk Festival and a visit to Awbridge for the Romsey Beggars Fair.

Full details of our meets, along with the Folk Group National Meets, are listed here on our website, and in the January Folk Group Newsletter.

New Phone Number

We recently changed our mobile phone number. To contact the stewards regarding a particular meet you should call them on 07340 248 577. If you don’t get an answer then please leave a message and somebody will call you back.

Please note that this phone may not always be turned on, so for general enquiries we prefer that you send us an email to .