Latest News

Our Programme for 2024

Mel and Paul have been very busy putting together an exciting camping calendar for us to enjoy in 2024.  The details are on our website (

If you would like to steward one of these meets, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mel and Paul. Remember – if we have no steward, we have no meet! If you would like to know what stewarding entails, please talk to any member of the Committee and we can talk it through – and don’t panic, there is always someone on site to help out!

Our Committee

There are vacancies on our committee. It is not too late to be nominated to join the committee, so if you think you can help out in any way, get your nomination into Mark’s hands before the AGM!

As has been mentioned a few times now, our Treasurer for the last several years, Peter, is looking to stand down at the end of 2023. Without a Treasurer, we can’t function, so we are looking for a new Treasurer to come in and look after the books. If you are interested, then it would be great if you could “shadow” Peter for the rest of the year to get to grips with the processes involved. The Camping Club are moving to a new system for tracking the finances and training will be rolled out on this in the Autumn, so a new, or prospective treasurer will get the full advantage of this as well.

If you want more information about being the Treasurer, then please ask Peter, or any of the Committee Members for more information.

Want to keep in touch with your Wessex friends?

We have now started a Wessex Whatsapp group as a way to keep in touch.

If you would like to join, please send your phone number to Mark and Stella Callow at  They will then invite you to join the group chat.