Community Rules

Here is a list of Community Rules that must be considered whenever you post, comment or message on the Wessex Folk Group Forum.

Post, comments or messages that break these rules may be deleted or removed at the discretion of the Group. In extreme or persistent cases, the member profile associated with the contravening posts, comments or messages may be barred from the Wessex Folk Group Forum.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide you with the opportunity to share with fellow campers your experiences and thoughts on the Wessex Folk Group, and camping and caravanning in general. Please treat other people with respect and remember that something you intend as a joke or feel is harmless can be easily misconstrued.

To ensure your message/comment/post remains on this Forum it’s important to avoid:

  • Abusive or threatening language, or those that incite hatred against any social or ethnic group.
  • Hate speech
  • Sexually explicit or indecent text, or content containing obscenities or profanities
  • Potentially defamatory comments, or anything that you have not created yourself
  • Overly negative comments
  • Posts and comments containing personal details (such as your email, phone number, password or address)
  • SHOUTING using capital letters
  • Posts or comments that condone or promote illegal activities
  • Spamming (i.e. the submission of the same or very similar comments/posts/messages many times)
  • Providing links/url’s to other sites that would contravene these house rules
  • Advertising, commercial promotion or campaigning of any kind
  • Impersonation of any person, alive or deceased, real or fictional
  • Misrepresenting your experiences

If you or another member reports a comment or another user via the appropriate channel, the Forum moderators will aim to respond promptly. The report must be done either by using the ‘report’ button on the forum, or by emailing: directly.

These guidelines will be under constant review and revisions will be made on a regular basis where appropriate. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions from our members.