October 2014

Well, as I sit and write this the weather is lovely, albeit a bit autumnal in the mornings. Mind we have had really foggy mornings, and we know about those before we rise as the ships and boats on Southampton Water soon let us know. The weather is a bit topsy turvy and the plants seem to be the same. Pruning some shrubs this morning we discovered that the forsythia, my delight with its yellow flowers early spring, is beginning to send out flowers now and the fig tree that has been kind to us the last two years is confusing me with its next year’s figs as there is no difference in their size, so what do I discard – none I think as I’m bound to get rid of the wrong ones. Let’s wait and see!

Anyway, enough of that and down to business. Our meet at Wallop was well attended and we managed a good few games on the field and everyone appeared to enjoy them. It’s good fun watching and seeing the competitive streak emerging from some. Wellingtons in trees were not intended but they gave me a good laugh. No names mentioned! We were also blessed with 3 young people for the weekend and I think they enjoyed themselves.

Our next meet at Titchfield was again well attended with some first time visitors, some who opted to join us from the adjacent caravan site and some whom we haven’t seen for a while. Sadly the walk along the fishing lakes was out of bounds. We did, however, see the two Lancaster bombers returning to Lincolnshire in the afternoon. What a lovely sight and probably one we will never see again. Hard to imagine what it was like when there were lots taking off together during the last world war.

Fort Widley, at the beginning of September, again was well attended although we were unable to get there. Richard kindly stepped in as steward for the opening of the site as Ken couldn’t manage it due to a recent knee replacement. Hopefully we will see him out with us soon. All three ceilidhs were enjoyed by everyone and we had a few different people entertaining us including a young man with bagpipes. Well done James.

We have two meets before November and you’ll get to hear about those in the next newsletter although the Halloween one may not have taken place before the next newsletter is out. After that it is our annual Christmas party and then a New Year meet which needs to be booked. Goodness another year in sight!

Pam (Secretary)