October 2012

Well, since my last post-script we have been to four Wessex meets and the Autumn gather for the Folk Group.

The first Wessex one was at Grove Lea, Titchfield. A nice site and a first for Wessex. Unfortunately the model railway show had had to be cancelled so that came off the itinerary, but there was a good walk into Titchfield past the fishing lakes, the Abbey was just along the road and there was a pub doing food for those who wanted to eat out. And we watched the opening of the Olympic games in the open air, well, under the dome (please excuse the grammar!).

The next meet at Wallop School saw a day and a bit of games on the field. There was livestock racing, crossbow, skittles, can bashing, throwing/pitching golf balls (sorry forgot the correct name), horseshoes and boules. (Hope I haven’t missed any games out). It certainly kept people busy during the day. There was also a handicraft/hobbies exhibition allowing people to put their votes in for those they thought were good. Great excitement when a glow worm was found on site and everyone examined the amazing little bug. A good weekend I think most would agree.

The Bank Holiday weekend saw us at Breamore, a lovely site next to Breamore House. As we were there for a five day meet we had two ceilidhs and had a good turnout of members and visitors, some new to the club and trying out different meets. We tried finding the medieval maze but didn’t quite make it. Next time we’ve been offered a guided walk to get us to it. We visited the little church instead remembering to shut the door quickly to stop the swifts getting in. We went to a local horticultural show at Ower, where our stewards, Chris and Chris live. It’s amazing how big onions can grow, we could make a big saucepan of soup with just one onion me thinks.

Lastly we were at Fort Widley up on the Portsdown Hills. It is such an interesting site with tremendous views over Portsmouth and its environs. There was also a flower exhibition at St Mary’s Church in the grounds of Portchester Castle which some members visited. It was very well done with the flowers part of scenes depicting happenings within the Queen’s reign, Charles Dickens remembered and the 40th anniversary of the hosting flower club. Thank you Diane for letting us know about it. We had several visitors camping with us who were new to a Folk group weekend. I think they all enjoyed it and the children seemed to enjoy the fort and its difference to other sites, especially sliding down the hilly bits on a thick polythene bag.

As you can see we enjoy our meets and always welcome visitors to join us. By the time you read this we will have had our harvest supper meet and our hallowe’en meet so I’ll tell you about those in the next newsletter. After that it will be our last meet of the year, the Christmas Party which will only have camping for one night, Saturday, and not the two as we have had before. Check the website if you are able for the most up-to-date news.

Pam (Secretary)