June 2014

Another AGM done and dusted. It was a good attendance and several subjects were discussed in the members meeting. That being said, there are usually several subjects discussed at each AGM. Our committee stayed the same but with two less members than before. Both Tony Baughan and Barbara Wescott have decided their contribution had come to an end and have bowed out gracefully. Our thanks went out to them for all their help over the years. We would willingly accept more members on to the committee as new members quite often bring a fresh look to things.

Many of you went to the Easter meet, and I’m sure it came up to your expectations with new ideas for whatever part of FDSG interests you.

May bank holiday saw Wessex and visitors at Furzebrook. I understand it was a good meet and I’m sorry we weren’t there, but a special birthday for a special friend was scheduled for the same weekend and that only comes round once! I’m not sure how many went to Tillingbourne with SE, but I’m sure they made you very welcome as they did last year and you enjoyed yourselves.

This last weekend saw us at Rowdeford School near Devizes. This is a bigger meet than normal for us as we issue an invite to the Midland area and also see visitors from other areas and DAs. Chippenham Folk Festival was on over the weekend and although the weather could have been kinder at times we had a lively good time. I think, as stewards, Geordie and I were jinxed with alarms. First one of the halls sending out noises all by itself (hadn’t been near it), then our caravan alarm at 5.07am in morning – sorry – didn’t know it was on and then a set to with an alarm in another hall that fought back at me and the key fob but I won in the end. The only thing I regret was not visiting Treacle the pig and her family, the school’s livestock. They also have bats there and sometimes the bat watchers come into check the numbers but we didn’t see them this year.

We have two more meets in June which you’ll hear about next time. July sees us at Frogham where we have a get together with BBQs if the weather allows. This may be our last meet there as the owner has now gone into a home and the future of the site is unknown. Following this one is our meet at Awbridge not far from Romsey. It’s on the flight path for the RAF so if there’s a southern airshow on we may get a glimpse of aircraft going back to base. It’s a lovely setting with the hall adjacent and a wildlife wood which last year the owner invited us to wander into if we so wished.

Our meets in August are Wallop School when hopefully the weather will be fine and we can enjoy the various field games that people bring to entertain during the day. It’s a bit of a laugh and enjoyable with essence of competition creeping in! Sometimes we also get to watch model aircraft flying overhead from Wallop airfield which is next door and possibly an owner wandering around with his radio trying to locate a crashed plane in the undergrowth! August Bank holiday sees us at Grove Lea Farm Titchfield. We were there for the opening ceremony for the Olympics last time. There’s a nice walk into Titchfield from the site along past the fishing lakes. You can leave the path before reaching Titchfield and divert to the pub for a drink or a meal. Anyway hope to see some of you there.

A few of us went to Fred Heather’s funeral in May. Fred was 91 and had camped with Wessex for many years, firstly with his wife Dorrie and then by himself. He was a lovely person and had had such an interesting and happy life. Several members from Wessex attended along with ‘old’ scouts, friends from the wine circle and of course his family. It was a lovely gathering with a BBQ afterwards when there were mementos of his life to look at. I must say that the family did him proud and it was lovely to hear about many aspects of his life, especially those that raised a smile or a giggle. We sang Ging Gang Goolie in the remembrance service and left the crematorium with ‘We’re riding along on a crest of a wave’.

Pam (Secretary)