June 2013

Following on from the last lot of Wessex news we have had three meets. The first one was our AGM at Wildhern with a full day of meetings (well, for those on the committee) and of course a ceilidh. A good number of members came for the AGM which went smoothly as did the members’ meeting that followed. Four members were elected to committee, three being existing committee members willing to be re-elected and a new one, Mike Goodall.

Alan, our Chairman for last year, had decided to come off the committee where he had been a member for many years serving in different posts. A card and present were given to him and Mildred, his wife, thanking them both for the many years they had served on the Committee as well as always being there when help was needed.

Mayday Bank holiday at Furzebrook was such a change from last year with brilliant sunshine for the whole weekend. We managed the Maypole outside over two days and also a few games on the field as well.

We have just returned from Winchester where sadly their Mayfest had been cancelled. However we had a good meet with people going to the Watercress festival on Sunday. Saturday saw us in the rugby club bar with WildWood band and a group of about 40 Germans from near Essen who were staying in their twinning city Winchester. They were mainly a younger group but they joined in the dancing and sang for us beautifully. A busy evening but different and good fun. Thank you Mark for arranging WildWood to be with us and a thank you to the members of the band.

This next weekend sees us at Rowdeford school near Devizes with the Chippenham folk festival not far away and then Scotts Haven, Soberton Heath where we either use the barn or possibly a local hall. More about these two meets later.

July sees us at a new site at Awbridge near Romsey where again we have a hall on site. The same weekend Romsey is running the Beggars Fair so another attraction besides a Wessex meet. At the end of July it’s Frogham in the New Forest where there are some good walks, donkeys, a pub next door and a hall across the road. Hopefully we will have our annual get together BBQ, weather permitting.

The first weekend in August our meet is at Breamore House near Fordingbridge. A lovely site with a country museum next door, a maze and walks. Then at August bank holiday we are at Wallop School for a weekend to include games similar to last year. These were enjoyed by all and hopefully will be again. Hope to see you all there but enjoy yourselves wherever you are.

Pam (Secretary)