February 2016

Well here we are, a new year has began and already the first month has passed. It seems unbelievable that the months go by so quickly, but Geordie and I have been quite busy with my 70th towards the end of last year, Christmas, and then our 50th anniversary with gatherings indoors at the local cricket club and in Northumberland. It was a good time.

But enough of my news and to work, not that there is a lot to report on as we have only had one meet since the last blurb,and that was our Christmas party at Soberton. We didn’t have a weekend meet, just a social on the Saturday, but it was still enjoyable with a good few members and visitors coming along. There was the annual Christmas tea, followed by carol/seasonal singing, and then an evening of dance and entertainment enjoyed by all. It is nice to meet up with friends before the year runs out and to wish them all the best.

Our first meet of 2016 is our Birthday Meet, which is in February before this is published, and then it will be after Easter before Wessex gets going with our meets, the first one then being the AGM at Awbridge. Following on from that is the bank holiday meet at Tangley Village Hall (Wildhern Village) for Mayday celebrations with a Maypole and our ‘penny fair’. Hope to see many of you at these.

Pam (Secretary)