February 2015

Well, here we are in the New Year of 2015. Let’s hope it is a good year and things don’t go wrong for people too much. I know I wish for a better year this year, one never knows what fate will throw at us, but we’ll make the most of it hopefully (the year I mean not the fate!).

Our last meet of 2014 was nearly a catastrophe, but thanks to our sites officer Mark, plus others I’m sure, all was saved and the party went ahead. Sadly we now have to find alternative sites for more than one meet for this year, but I’m sure it will get sorted. Please keep your eye on the website if you’re able. If not phone Mark or myself for information.

Anyway, back to our Christmas party. A hall was found at Wildhern,and it was decided that as there was a football match booked for the Sunday morning it would be a one day meet, no camping. The hall was opened early afternoon which meant we could get together, have an early tea and then finish the ceilidh early for those who had to travel for a while. Considering this was all arranged in the space of under a week and everyone who came enjoyed themselves, then well done Wessex and thank you to Mark and the committee for finding an alternative venue and not taking the easy way out and cancelling it.

Our first meet of this year is our birthday meet at Ibsley, from 20th to 22nd February. Fingers crossed the village doesn’t have a power cut this year and the meet goes forward. After that some will go to SE for the Eastbourne residential meet, others to FDSG Easter at Sawston and then it will be the Wessex AGM. As we cannot have it at Wallop, please make sure you are aware of where it will be. Hopefully we will not have to cancel or postpone this.

Before the following Wessex meet there is an invite from SE to join them at Tillingbourne. Mayday weekend sees us at Tangley village hall, Wildhern, where we will have the maypole and our ‘penny’ fair with an invite to Sarum DA. We hope to invite people from the village to join us for the maypole dance.

Pam (Secretary)