February 2013

Well here we are, a new year and some resolutions to boot. Don’t know whether I’ll keep them so I’ll not tell anyone what they are. That way no-one can say ‘told you so!’.Anyway just a short resume this time having only been to one meet since my last report.

That was the Christmas meet at Ibsley. We only had a one night meet with a mixture of day visitors and those who stayed over.There were seven units that stayed and then there were a good number of visitors (26) so there was a good gathering of people. Some of those that were there early enjoyed a group gathering making table decorations ready for Christmas, thank you Janice for supplying the bits and pieces to enable thereto be made. Also those that brought decorations to brighten the hall up a bit and the little message from Auntie Jean which Mike was able to show us on his laptop.

We had a lovely spread for tea and then a good evening ceilidh with a mixture of dance,music, song and poems to entertain all. A coffee/tea morning the next day provided the energy for people to help clear up the hall and then off home with the wishes for Christmas and New Year.

For those who have known me for some time know that I’m usually in trousers but this year I put on a skirt. Well that was a story in itself as I tripped over in the car park in the dark (no alcohol involved), frightened Patrick and on trying to get up knelt my skirt so couldn’t get up. After rescuing the skirt from beneath my knee I then managed to stand on the hem with the other foot and nearly lost it all together. What a mess, skirt all covered in mud (luckily it’s brown), me a bit muddy, two bruised knee sand a bit of blood leaving my hand. Hey-ho I survived though so you’ll have to put up with my writings for a while longer.

Our first meet for this year is our birthday party in February at the Wallop site so a report on that later. After that it will be our AGM at Wildhern so please come and support the area. For many of you the Easter meet will entertain you in between,let’s hope the weather is kind to you. Take care and see you all soon.

Pam (Secretary)