December 2015

Well, here we are, by the time you read this we will have had Christmas and possibly moved into the New Year, 2016. I wonder what this will hold for all of us. Anyway, since my last epistle we have had 2 meets, our Harvest Supper at Greatham and Halloween at Blackfield School.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to do the weekend at Greatham but did get there for the committee meeting and the supper. Well done all of those who sorted the food and prepared it for all to enjoy, especially Janet who took on the task of getting it organised. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it and it’s lovely to sit and chat over a plate of food. I know the weather wasn’t brilliant for those staying, and the field was a problem for some so I heard. However there is the apple tasting festival on the Sunday and I know people enjoy visiting it, so Greatham is a nearby site. However if anyone knows of a possible different one which is still near to Blackmoor Farm please let Mark know so we can investigate.

Halloween was once again celebrated at Blackfield on the Waterside area of the New Forest. A good turnout for the time of year and lots of lovely costumes, especially the spider. It was interesting watching the dancers whilst still in costume. Spiders have too many hands/legs for intricate movements! Again a lovely ghostly supper of various things brought and shared by everyone. Well done all of you for managing to produce things that themed into the subject of the meet.

Our next meet will be the last one of 2015 for Wessex and that’s the Christmas Party at Soberton. I’ll try and remember any incidents for the next blurb. Following on from this we have our first meet of 2016 at Ibsley, our Birthday Party in February. Then it will be Easter, with the FDSG national meet quickly followed by our AGM at Awbridge.

Take care all of you, hope everything goes or has gone will over the winter months and see you soon.

Pam (Secretary)