December 2014

Christmas will have probably been celebrated for some by the time you read this in the newsletter. New Year may be the next celebration and then into the new year of 2015. As I write this on a wet dismal evening I hope that the rain will not produce the problems of winter 2013/14. I know the cat would like better weather as she has just made herself comfortable on my lap so I type remembering she is there and not to move suddenly. Not to disturb her but for my own good as claws dig in should she find herself being dislodged. I think she is getting used to being a one-eyed cat although her time indoors has got longer then her time outside but that could be down to the weather!

Our harvest supper meet at Greatham was well supported and we were back at Greatham hall which is good for this meet as the hall is on site so makes getting people sat down together and enjoying supper a lot easier. We had around 47 members for supper, the majority of them in units but with a few visitors for the afternoon/ evening. The site was a bit disjointed as we left most of the big motorhomes on the car park and the rest of the units made it up the field to the top bit. Nobody got stuck this year unlike our last meet here a few years ago. We think they may have levelled the top field a bit although it is still on higher ground. The evening was good with a live band and thanks go to Mark and the band members for entertaining us plus all other people who did a turn. Of course there is also the added attraction of the apple tasting festival at Blackmoor Estate not too many miles away. It’s a good place to visit and has lots of stalls of different interest.

Blackfield was our next meet for Hallowe’en. This was a new site for Wessex and although it is in the south of our area we had a good turnout of 16 units plus evening visitors. Hopefully there are photos to go on the website and the pumpkin certainly rounded off the parade. The unrecognisable man with long black hair would not be the person to meet in the dark if you are of a nervous disposition. (He’s nice really!). Some of the people there were new to FDSG and seemed to really enjoy themselves. The hard standing was ample for all the units and should we go there in the summer there is a large expanse of playing field which will site a good number.

Our last meet for 2014 is yet to happen in just a week’s time and that’s the Christmas party at Wallop. I’ll tell you about that in the next bit of blurb. Then the first meet in 2015 will be the birthday meet at Ibsley village hall followed on with venues for the year starting in April.

Pam (Secretary)