December 2012

Well it’s that time of year again when the weather is getting colder and I could say getting wetter but I wouldn’t be sure what season I was talking about, one seems to be like the others at times! Sorry about the last newsletter not making it into FDSG roundabout but for those of you who would like to see it and have internet access it is on our website under news.

Following on from the last write-up about meets we have had two that I can report on, Liss and Wallop. Liss was our harvest supper meet with a choice of food being a ploughman’s platter of either cheese or ham with salad and pickles. This seemed to go down well especially if you had a drink to go with it. Although it was bring your own desserts several people brought enough to share around so a bit of tasting of different sweets was able to take place. Sorry about the hiccup there but hey it was lovely tasting other people’s contributions. The evening ceilidh that followed was very good with Mark’s band, Wildwood,providing the music. Thank you Mark and the band for entertaining us. The pub was fairly busy on the Friday evening but several of the group went over a bit later and spent time together. Several people went to the apple-tasting at Blackmore on the Sunday although we didn’t go this year. I’m sure they enjoyed it. Welcome to new people at the meet please join us again and of course our regular visitors.

Wallop was the next meet, taking on the role it has had for a few years now, Hallowe’en. Unfortunately some of our regulars were not able to come and we missed them but there was a craft table during the day and dressing up for the evening with Irene choosing a winner from the parade of participants. Well done everyone for making the evening go with a swing and providing food for the ‘ghostly’ supper. If you have any photos of these meets or any others I’m sure Peter would be glad to add them to the gallery on our webpage. They are useful as non-members can access the site and it gives them an insight to what we do.

Our last meet of the year is Ibsley for the Christmas social. I’ll tell you about that next time. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. We’re away in caravan, not far along the road at Titchfield to spend time with my sister and husband who will be there in their motorhome. Winter woollies and a bit of extra heating is in order I think plus some sort of warming drink! See you next year.

Pam (Secretary)