In order that each meet should run smoothly, we ask you please to observe the following guidelines


  1. Do not enter the site before the Steward (or their deputy) has arrived.
  2. On arrival on site all members and their visitors MUST register with the Steward.


  1. Remember the 6 metre rule (this is the minimum distance between units).There is normally enough space for campers to spread themselves more generously, but common sense should always be used.
  2. Abide by the stewards instructions if there is a shortage of space.
  3. Place a full fire bucket outside your unit as a safety measure.

On site

  1. Quiet after 11pm please!
  2. All rubbish must be taken home unless local arrangements have been made.
  3. Chemical toilets should be emptied at the disposal point provided.They must not be cleaned out at drinking water points.
  4. Any queries or complaints should be referred to the Steward.


  1. Maximum speed on site for all vehicles (including cycles) is 5mph.
  2. No vehicles to be driven on the site between 11pm and 7am.
  3. Learner drivers are not allowed to drive on site.


  1. Pets are to be kept on leads at all times. Please ensure that they do not cause annoyance in any way to other campers.